The Last Mile

  • Clean Drinking Water for Polillio Island
    The Barangays Bonifacio, Mabini and Rizal were once called the one Magdalo Barangay in Polillio Island, Quezon Province of our country.  Their community is located facing the Pacific Ocean that places them in an isolated area near the Pacific Ocean.  They are regularly prone to be affected by passing typhoons that enter the Philippines many times in a year.  
  • Palawan Solar Program
    In 2016 the Provincial Government of Palawan launched a Solar lighting program as a key measure to meet unmet power demand.   Close to 30,000 d.light Solar home systems were distributed across to Island province with priority given to off-grid and indigenous communities.   
  • D-TEC: Lighting Up the Lives of Underserved People
    In a makeshift hut during nighttime, Nanay Rosita Rosas used to grope for things she badly needed for her frail and aging self.  Darkness coupled with eyesight problem due to aging has been hampering her for many years now to right away look for and do things that can bring a little comfort to herself during nighttime after a day-long toil in a farm lot nearby a fishing community she is living in.
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