Plugged In for Progress: A Power 4 All Mission wins 2nd Best Film

In partnership with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) organized Indie-Siyensya Film Making Competitions. This year’s theme is “Sustainnovation: Harnessing Science and Technology for a Greener Community. This filmmaking competition seeks to highlight the vital role that science and technology play in building a more sustainable community that contributes to wealth creation, protection, and promotion of human well-being and provide a platform for filmmakers, especially independent ones, to showcase their creativity and storytelling skills while incorporating scientific themes. It encourages unique perspectives and innovative approaches to presenting scientific content.

Out of the 65 film entries, "PLUGGED IN FOR PROGRESS: THE POWER 4 ALL MISSION" was named one of the top ten films in the country and the second best film in the Youth Category. This was directed by Dominicq Peña along with her production team Toby Castañeda, Keithzi Cantona, Jairo Manzon, and Karlos Nelson Co from Mapua University.
Power 4 All has a mission to bring affordable and sustainable energy to every corner of the globe. The team was driven by a shared belief that access to reliable power was a fundamental human right.  

The journey began with thorough research and development efforts to create innovative and efficient energy solutions. The team explored a variety of technologies, from advanced portable power stations to advanced solar panels. The goal was not just to generate power but to design systems that could be easily implemented in diverse environments, from bustling urban areas to remote villages.

As the team made strides in their research, they faced numerous challenges. Funding was a constant struggle, and skeptics questioned the feasibility of their ambitious mission. Undeterred, Power 4 All organized awareness campaigns, reaching out to governments, NGOs, and private investors to garner support for their cause. Their passionate advocacy attracted attention and resources, helping them overcome financial hurdles.

The story of Power 4 All became an inspiring narrative of human determination and collaboration. Through innovation, advocacy, and a steadfast commitment to their mission, they proved that it was possible to bring power to all, paving the way for a more equitable and sustainable future.

This is a Power 4 All documentary that features the journey towards the impact of new technologies and innovative solutions, driven by empathy and sensitivity to help uplift the lives of Filipinos. 


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