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Power 4 All Outreach to Laiban

Oz Valenton     

On July 2, 2022, Power 4 All in partnership with Solar Hope, JCI Taytay, JCI Antipolo, Ingram Micro Philippines and TDCX Philippines has donated 50 solar home kits and groceries to the families of Laiban.

After travelling deep within the mountains and forests of Tanay and crossing 9 rivers, the team finally reached Barangay Laiban. Being hard to reach these places are usually neglected and are not able to enjoy the same utilities and comfort as us living in the city.

After the long trip the team started to unload the donations into the school where they will sort the goods and interview the beneficiaries for the donations. The team also interviewed previous receivers of the solar home kits to see how much free and clean basic lighting was able to improve their quality of life with residents able to run their businesses longer, work in the fields longer and the students were able to study after dark.

For the beneficiaries receiving the solar home kits for the first time, the team conducted a basic orientation of how to use and maintain the system it so they can benefit from it for a long time.

We are very thankful for the volunteers of Power 4 All and our partners for making this possible and uplifting the lives of 50 more families.

See the stories of our volunteers below:

right              To reach the community, our vehicle travelled through rough roads and crossed 9 rivers with no bridges. The place has no electricity, no steady supply of water, no internet.  Though I saw concrete structures like a basketball court and a covered court in school that has the name of a politician.  Together with other ordinary people like me, we went to the place to bring them solar lights, grocery items, learning materials, cheer and genuine care for the people of the community. 

- Lady Ann Valenton





I can say that this is very exciting, challenging, and fulfilling because we helped the people and     gave them the light of hope. This experience was very inspiring seeing people despite their hardship still have smiles on their faces. I  learned to be grateful for what I have in my life and to    be more generous to the people that need help.

Mitzelle de la Pena






I was inspired by Nanay Teresita Abalos (the one in the pink shirt). The Minihub that she received serves as light for her mini Sari-Sari store. She was so grateful for people like us who are always willing to provide help and visit her/them. She is very thoughtful, she gave us pabaon even if we didn't ask for it. It also made me realize that just because you are the beneficiary/receiver doesn't mean you are not capable of giving. Little act of kindness really makes a big difference

- Dana Faye Rivera




right It was my first-time experiencing outreach program and ithumbles me. There are times I got mad for not having some material things not thinking I have more than enough of what is just needed. I felt much grateful, thankful and blessed. I was eager to help and be part of activities like this.

Being part of this kind of program helps me work harder, communicate well and have the opportunity to reach and help other people. Looking forward to experience more.

- Jomelyn Lapez


rightIt was a pleasant experience since it not only gave me a chance to help the needy but taught me to be thankful for what I already have. I learned to appreciate things around me. I also learned that life is not all about receiving, but also giving and sharing what one can offer. The outreach program made me realize that somehow in some simple ways, we could bring happiness to others. We could make a meaningful day by doing good deeds for other people.

- Kath de la Pena






rightAs a first-timer joining volunteer work, this trip to Laiban, Tanay gave me the overwhelming sense of fulfilment and pride to be able to partake in such an amazing initiative. Seeing how the Tanglaw 4 Every Juan Project helped families, education, livelihood, and the community in general made me realize how a small act of kindness could bring light and joy to everyone. The heart-warming gratitude we were getting made me so happy being part of the team, and that it made me feel awesome to #beapower4good.

- Jessa Baylon


right              During my interview with some of the beneficiaries, I really felt and seen into their eyes the suffering, difficulties and hardship from having an equal opportunity to experience a fairly and ideal way of life. Being part of this outreach gave me the opportunity to help someone in need. By letting them feel and understand even after their hardship in life, there were still some good people around continuously trying to reach them and whole-heartedly extending their arms to help. Whether it was for big or small, for long or short term, the important is the real meaning and advocacy of this outreach. The group’s endeavor to reach out for someone’s happiness is really priceless and boundless. It has been a great pleasure in being part of this very tremendous event.

- Engr. Frederick Bueno

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