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School Electrification Program Project in Negros Oriental




 Jhun Mallanao Jr.   


Through, One Meralco Foundation School Electrification Program, Negros Oriental was among the area considered by the company to avail the Solar PV System due to in-availability of grid electricity in different schools because of their geographical locations, during our technical assessment, electricity in the community only depend on GENERATOR SET provided by either Barangay or NAPOCOR which usually supplied during night time from six (6) in the evening to twelve (12) midnight at the most.

Since 2018 up-to-present, a total of 18 units Mission™ Portable Solar Power Station had been installed and enjoyed already in different schools located in the municipality of Siaton, Sta. Catalina, Manjuyod and Apo Island in Dauin. Teachers don’t need now to risk their lives to travel which consumed almost half of each day alone; habal2x ride for the mountainous location and motorized boat for island schools just for printing of their modules, they are more productive now since day one after the installation of their Mission™ Portable Solar Power Station.

Photovoltaic is the most popular technology choice for off-grid rural electrification. In the Philippines, some major socio-economic programs of the government utilize photovoltaics to bring electric power and economic development in remote rural areas.

In addition, PV System are modular and can be employed for both small and large-scale power  generation. High reliability, long life, low maintenance cost and zero fuel requirements of PV Modules have made the technology a viable and cost effective option for remote site applications where the cost of grid extension and maintenance of conventional power supply system are often prohibitive.

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