Project Engineer

About the job
A project engineer is in charge of organizing and supervising engineering projects from the beginning to the end. They work on a range of initiatives, including infrastructure renovations, construction, and product development. Strong communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills are also essential for success in this role.
The ideal candidate should exhibit high standards in communication to partners and clients being an ambassador of Power 4 All. With a strong ability to initiate and deliver committed tasks ensuring utmost success in this multifaceted role.
Job responsibilities
  • Developing project plans, timelines, budgets, and allocations of resources.
  • Collaborating with other engineers, designers, and technicians to ensure that the project meets technical and functional requirements.
  • Supervising the project's execution, including keeping an eye on the progress, managing risks, and working to ensure that all safety and legal requirements are being followed.
  • Maintaining communication with clients, contractors, and stakeholders to update them on project developments and resolve any problems that may occur.
  • Working closely with the members of the team to complete the project on schedule, within budget, and with the needed level of quality.
  • Evaluating and testing projects to make sure it meets all technical and functional requirements
  • Maintaining precise records and documentation of the project, including project plans, design documents, and test results.
  • Finding opportunities for improvement and giving recommendations to increase project efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.
Whom we need for a high-performance team
  • Bachelor’s degree graduate (preferably with PRC licensed) and with relevant experiences in the same field for one year.
  • Proficient in MS Word, Outlook and use design softwares such as AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, and similar CAD tools to develop models and drawings.
  • Partake on researching trends that are essentials to economic growth, poverty reduction and well-being.
  • Able to analyze or draft blueprints, engineering plans, and graphic designs (Engineers)
  • Experienced in Wastewater or Water Treatment Plant (WTP) environment or at least strong knowledge & understanding in installation to completion of construction
  • Liaise with engineers, management, suppliers, vendors, and the client.
  • Excellent interpersonal, and customer service skills, and value growth mindset
  • Maintain high standards in communication with partners and clients being an ambassador of Power 4 All.
  • Self-starter, with a strong ability to initiate and deliver committed tasks ensuring utmost success in this multifaceted role. 
  • Keen to collaborating on new ideas and impact in a leading-edge environment
  • Office-based and willing to travel for site visits, and client meetings periodically
What awaits you upon onboarding
  • Competitive compensation and benefits packages
  • Ensure to live in its set core values of Power 4 All that makes it a great place to work
  • Be one of the pioneers of new products & advanced technologies by providing services attested by strong market players
  • Be the key drivers in the Power 4 All’s development team to solve challenges from an engineering perspective
  • Career pathing for both personal and professional development through internal and external trainings (engineering topics, technical skills, soft skills and leadership training)
  • You will work with many seasoned experts and co-workers who are movers and makers of the industry, partnering with notable vendors, suppliers, and  across all Solar and Water Treatment Plant industries
  • You will have a comprehensive exposure on the latest projects and developments in the Philippines’ engineering Solar and Water Waste/Water Treatment Plant