• Smart Air



    I was studying cultural psychology in Beijing in January, 2013 when the “airpocalypse” hit. I was concerned about my health, and was relieved to learn that air purifiers could help reduce the PM 2.5 in my home. But, when I went to buy one, I discovered that it cost over 10,000 RMB. I wanted to find a way to get clean air for a reasonable price, not just throw money at the big air purifier companies, so I decided to build my own.

    After a bit of research, I discovered that the 200 RMB DIY purifier I made significantly reduced the PM 2.5 in my home. At that point, a friend of mine suggested I keep my discovery a secret and use it to make lots of money, but that just didn’t seem right. I wanted to share what I had learned with the world. The desire gradually turned into a small social enterprise called Smart Air.

    The Smart Air DIY is a message to the world that clean air in your home is something that everyone can afford.

    Breathe safe!

    Thomas Talhelm
    Founder, Smart Air



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