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ODIS SOLIQUATOR® are highly-efficient pressurized clarifiers, with high selling velocities. As a
result, the Soliquator® is highly suitable for trea:ng water with variable turbidity and suspended
solids levels. When integrated within a water treatment system, either wastewater or drinking
water, it significantly reduces both capital and opera:onal expenditures.

• Very small foot-print
• Closed system – no emissions of odor
• Modular and easily expandable with no downtime
• No moving parts. Minimal maintenance and very low operating cots

• Primary or Secondary treatment
• Sludge treatment and thickening
• Sludge treatment filtrate
• High turbidity water clarifica:on
• Filters backwash treatment

The treated effluent is suitable for:
• Water Re-use. Can be re-used in the same or with additional process, significantly reducing costs.
• Irrigation. Can be used for safe irrigation of public areas and for agriculture.
• Discharge. Wastewater is treated




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