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Product Highlights

Keeping you connected: The d.light S500 is simple and easy to use. Just plug the solar panel into the
lantern, charge the unit during the day, and connect your mobile. Save money and time with the S500.
Customize your light: The S500 provides four different brightness settings, from our "Bedlight" to "High", to suit your
need. Whether it is working at night or simply socializing, the S500 is a constant companion.
Power saver mode: The S500 automatically adjusts light brightness at low battery to extend light runtime by up to 2 additional hours.


  • 240 lumens
  • up to 100 hours of light (low setting)
  • Power save mode (additional 2 hrs of light)
  • 2.8W PV panel
  •  3.2Ah LiFEP04 battery
  • Mobile charging
  • 60,000 hours LED lifetime
  • Lighting Global quality


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