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Intake pump

Coagulation Unit


Micronic filtering

High pressure pump

RO membranes

Re-mineralization column

Disinfection unit – Chlorine generator

Control board

Control accessories

Trailer Mounted









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System Description

Odis is proud to present its LitePure® LPSW-T001 a single Trailer-Mounted water treatment plant designed to treat raw seawater, brackish water and low turbidity fresh water with up to 40,000 ppm TDS.

This system is designed to generate up to 2 m3h (depending on the water salinity) of safe potable drinking water, free of physical and bacteriological contaminations that meet the WHO standards.

The system is completely automatic, equipped with a control panel including the start/stop switches and all the controls and metering devices, being highly reliable and easy to operate, and ready for on-site operation.

This unit is based on standard and customized improved design criteria. Cost saving technology, simplicity and reliability of performance are among its main characteristics.

The compact and modular concept used in pre-fabricated unit ensures standardization, high quality assembly and installation, complete quality control, full testing program, on-time delivery, convenient transportation and minimal on-site assembly and installation works.

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