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As a result of the world water crisis, countries, global organizations and even individuals are actively seeking solutions for potable water.

As world populations require clean water, the demand for water reclamation and purification is a growing need worldwide.

LitePure®  is a compact skid mounted fully automated Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis system, designed to provide pure water, free of all solids, impurities, chemicals, bacteria and viruses.

LitePure® treated water meets the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for drinking water quality


The following are just a few of the applications that benefit from the use of reverse osmosis water:

  • Small Municipalities
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Heavy / Light Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Emergency Relief
  • Hospitals - Dialysis facilities  & Boiler Feed water
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Food / Beverage Production
  • Bottled Water
  • Ice-Making
  • Pharmacy Industry
  •  Agriculture & Irrigation


Technical Data

Operating pressure (3 years membrane age):                                          12-20 bar (174-290 psi)

Minimum feed pressure :                                                                                      2 bar (29 psi)

Operating Temperature:                                                                                       15 to 25°C (59 to 77°F)

Maximum inlet free chlorine:                                                                             <0.1 mg/l

Maximum inlet Silt Density Index:                                                                  3 SDI

Turbidity:                                                                                                                       <1 NTU

Nominal TDS reduction:                                                                                       95%-99%

Nominal Recovery Rate Product/Feed:                                                       75%

Performance and operation based on inlet feed of:                             3000 ppm TDS

Standard Electrical Power:                                                                                  3 Phase / 400-460VAC/50-60Hz


Metric Units


U.S Units



Skid Assembly

The membrane systems are skid mounted, including all elements. This enables fast and easy installation with minimum ground space. Designed to stand corrosion. The skid frame is powder coated.


Water prior to membrane entrance will go throw a 5 micron filter stored in 304 stainless steel housing.

Pressure Pump

Multi-stage type, constructed of 316 stainless steel, supplied with VFD.

Pressure Vessels

FRP pressure vessels.

Membrane Elements

Spiral-wound configuration. Minimum salt rejection 99.6%. Maximum operation pressure 45°C.

CIP System

A  separate  CIP  system  is  supplied  and  is used when required to remove fouling on membranes.


Optimal monitoring instrumentation, panel mounted.

  •  Pressure gauges on micron filter and RO vessels.
  •  Pump discharge pressure switch.
  •  Inlet and Permeate magnetic water meter.
  •  Concentrate flow meter (rotometer).
  •  Permeate conductivity indicator.

System Control

The system is fully automated, controlled by GE programmable logic controller (PLC) and operating display. The control board also includes operator switches, push buttons, and status and alarm indication lights. 

The system will indicate:

  • Low inlet pressure.
  •  High pump discharge pressure.
  •  High permeate conductivity.
  •  Feed water flush at shutdown.

System piping and valves

Low pressure piping and valves are schedule 40 PVC material. High pressure piping and valves are 316 stainless steel.

 For pressure and flow control the following valves are standard:

  •  Solenoid    controlled     inlet    valve    for shutdown.
  •  Sampling valves on every pipe.
  •  Pre/post    micron    cartridge    filter    and membrane, isolation valve for maintenance operation.


Optional Equipment

Machine Hardware

  •  316 SST micron cartridge filter housing.
  • Compressed air unit.


  •  pH indicator , digital display
  •  turbidity indicator , digital display
  •  Silt Density Index (SDI) indicator , digital display

Pre-Treatment Systems

  •  Multi media filters.
  •  Activated carbon filters.
  •  Water softening systems.
  •  Inlet feed dechlorination chemical addition.
  •  Inlet feed anti scalant chemical addition.
  •  Inlet    feed    pH    adjustment    chemical addition.
  •  Turbidity monitoring and management.

Post-Treatment Systems

  • Hardening – mineral recovery.
  •  UV sterilization / chlorination.
  •  Degasser for pH correction



  •   Complete efficient reverse osmosis system available in one compact package.
  •   Fast and easy installation.
  •   Recovery rate of 75%-80%.
  •   24/7 fully automated system.
  •   High quality components ensure reliability and low operating costs.
  •   All components are weather-proof.


LITEPURE® Dimensions and Weights


Metric Units/US Units



For orders we will send you a quotation for the price of the item. Kindly email your orders or inquiry to support@power4all.org

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Product Highlights

Flexible design: The modular D30 system enables you to arrange the solar LED lights to best suit your home or business. With the flip of a switch, you can light up your home for up to 17 hours on a single charge.

Exciting Accessories: The D30 bundle comes packed with a solar FM radio with MP3 playback providing up to 8 hours of runtime and a bright torch lasting up to 3 hours on a single charge.

PayGo technology: The D30 allows you to own a powerful solar home system without burning a hole in your pocket; now pay in easy installments from the convenience of your home.



  • High efficiency weather resistant 10W solar panel with 6 metre cable
  • High power solar rechargeable torch, super-bright up to 80 Lumens. 50,000 hour
  • LED lifetime
  • With 3 Fixed Lamps
  • USB output with 5 in 1 mobile phone charger
  • World class solar rechargeable radio with FM/MW/SW reception and MP3 player.
  • USB and Micro SD card compatible
  • Keypad enable Pay As You Go technology
  • Battery unit up to 5+ year lifetime with interactive LCD display
  • 2-year warranty
  • Lifetime of 5 years (including battery)
  • Maintenance-free
  • 1 Year warranty on torch and radio
  • Wall mounted switch with 2 light settings



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