Power 4 All participated in the 38th Southern Tagalog Association of Water Districts (STAWD) held at Okada Manila from November 8–10, 2023. The STAWD Convention is an annual event that aims to promote the development and sustainability of water districts in the Southern Tagalog Region. This convention gathered more than 400 participants from the Southern Tagalog Region with the desire to develop the water supply system in their respective areas. With the theme “Synergy Towards Accelerated Action for Water, Life, and Environment”, the convention will bring together water professionals, experts, policymakers, and stakeholders from the Southern Tagalog Region and beyond. It featured plenary sessions, technical presentations, panel discussions, exhibits, and networking opportunities.

 Power 4 All Water Treatment Solutions: Sludge Treatment and Water Filtration System

The country has been having a water crisis for quite some time now. The current supply cannot meet the current demand and it gets worse with the increasing population, environment degradation due to unregulated waste and wastewater disposal and climate change. The key players in the water industry face a big challenge which usually requires high capital expenditures to build new plants and infrastructure and long planning and execution. The water providers also tend to over or under-forecast the demand as the usual planning is 15-20 years ahead. There is also a lack of new technology and expertise in this industry. These along with several other factors pose a monumental challenge to being able to provide clean water to the different service areas.

Josell Valenton, Business Development Head of POWER 4 ALL, presented a different look at the solutions to water supply and wastewater management. He discusses and promotes the idea that modular treatment plants can provide a more flexible, cost-effective, and adaptable approach to water treatment, making them particularly suitable for various scenarios, including those with budget constraints and time-sensitive needs. Modular containerized treatment plants help address the challenges that the key players of the water industry face and provide more flexibility in planning and financial flexibility as well. Modular containerized treatment plants have a low capex, can be up and running in less than a year, are easily expandable and can be prepositioned and deployed anytime and at anyplace.                                                                                                                                                               

Photo shows (from left) Power 4 All Business Dev't Head Josell Valenton, Business Dev't Engineer Allyssa Marie Tolentino, Export & Marketing Kath de la Peña, Sales Manager Jhun Mallanao 

If you think that the modular approach is interesting and helpful for your organization’s needs, then feel free to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to discuss with you and together we can provide affordable and sustainable CLEAN WATER 4 ALL.

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