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 Asia’s first potable water re-use facility installed in Parañaque City, Philippines

POWER 4 ALL, provides much needed access to simple yet cutting edge solutions to CLEAN POWER and CLEAN WATER through the design, engineering, supply and distribution, construction, installation and commissioning of inventive and field-tested technologies.  These solutions have been commissioned by respected global organizations including the United Nations, World Bank, World Vision and USAID to support impactful and sustainable initiatives towards business continuity, climate and environment care, humanitarian response, poverty alleviation and community development.

Our organization aspires to be a trusted and leading partner in business and community development through our reliable and innovative technologies, programs, products and services, and a team determined to succeed. We are driven by our core values; Integrity, Positive no matter what, We do what we say, Passion to learn, and Stand by each other.



“Purpose is at the heart of our work.  Applying exciting new technologies and unusual thinking to impact underserviced communities where common solutions fail is an amazing place to be in.  Here we constantly push ourselves to do things never done before.”

- Angelo Valenton, Founder and CEO


I am so grateful and happy to be part of Power 4 All family. Teamwork speaks for itself.  There is no time to be bored, as every project is a challenge, where speed, grit and tenacity are a must. We do things that are never done before.  Our culture is unique, everyone is truly remarkable, the environment is cool, decision making and approvals are fast.  We are encouraged to continuously improve both professional and personal and be a blessing to others.  In a nutshell, we are an atypical company currently experiencing rapid growth. Cheers and more power, P4All. 

- Gerlie Bonagua, CPA, CRB
Assistant Vice President - Finance

Power 4 All, Inc. (P4A) has exhibited exceptional quality, sustainability, corporate responsibility, and a passion for learning. From the first meeting, it was clear that their commitment to these ideals was more than just rhetoric but was profoundly embedded in their corporate DNA.

When it comes to excellence, this company is unrivaled. Their persistent commitment to providing high-quality products and services is absolutely admirable. Furthermore, P4A's efforts toward sustainability are very inspirational. They have made great efforts to lessen their ecological footprint in an era when environmental awareness is crucial.  Corporate responsibility is an essential component of this company's ideology. They recognize that their success is inextricably linked to the well-being of the communities in which they operate.  What genuinely distinguishes this organization is its enthusiasm for learning. They recognize that knowledge is the bedrock of growth and innovation. Their commitment to learning benefits not just their workers, but also results in cutting-edge solutions and an unrivaled client experience."

- Jakeson Quiatchon, CPHR, CHRME
Senior HR and Stakeholder Management

“Working in Power 4 All is a very challenging but rewarding experience. I have been given a chance to work with projects wherein we can be comfortable expressing our opinions and be more involved with the design and execution of crucial projects. Most importantly, being part of something that will have a major impact on other people's daily lives is more than enough to keep us pushing and DO THINGS NEVER DONE BEFORE 

- Adriane Dela Rosa, Design Head

“Working at Power 4 All has been great. It really challenges me to face different problems and come up with innovative solutions. We really go out there to provide access to necessities such as clean power and clean water, see different places and help grow different communities especially those in the last mile. Power 4 All is not your typical technology company; they provide trainings and help develop high-caliber employees, they help develop communities and pioneer new technologies in the country that gains global recognition. I am glad to be a part of this company.”

- Oz Valenton, Business Development Head

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Working for Power 4 All is like growing up in a big family of professional people - with intelligent minds and passionate hearts. I feel privileged to be a part of a organization striving towards greater good through continuous quest for innovation.

Jessa Baylon, Accounting Supervisor

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“This is a new and very different experience for me, which is why I feel happy and grateful to be working with Power 4 All. With Power 4 All, I can further expand my skills and knowledge. Additionally, I have many opportunities to learn from other experts collaborating with the organization.” 

- Adrian Cantos, Customer Support Head

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Power 4 All gives me opportunities to explore new things and expand my ability and knowledge. It is also a privilege for me to be part of a company that helps communities without electricity. 

- Racel Agapito, Accounting Staff 

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“Working with Power4All for almost 9 years is both an honor and a responbsibily. I am humbly honored to get to work with a helpful team, passionate leaders, and an encouraging work environment. The company that helps everyone think outside the box, nurtures its skills, and makes dreams a reality. The key to having a successful company is a great teamwork.

Jomelyn Lapez, Supply Chain Manager

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“Working with Power4All for more than 16 years now is privilege. I still remember my first day when my Superior told me, consider this your company; let's work to make this company recognized not just for good service but service with a hear, not just for the employees but for every client and customer as well.

In my role as Sales Manager, I handle both the Solar and Water products of the company. To others, this is not an easy task. Considering the technicalities, it is  an advantage to manage all the inquiries, but with the suppport of the company, by providing training and invididual coaching, these are all made easy to manage.

We are ready to face all the challenges each day, and we believe that we will survive! Because this company is my Life, my FAMILY!

- Teodoro "Jhun" Mallanao, Sales Manager

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“This is an organization that provides clean power and clean water for all, especially for people outside urban areas where electricity and water are problematic. This is a company with integrity and love for its business partners, clients, and employees.

- Mitzelle dela Peña, HR Admin Supervisor