About Us

The first modular water treatment plant in the Philippines installed in Cavite

POWER 4 ALL, provides much needed access to simple yet cutting edge solutions to CLEAN POWER and CLEAN WATER through the design, engineering, supply and distribution, construction, installation and commissioning of inventive and field-tested technologies.  These solutions have been commissioned by respected global organizations including the United Nations, World Bank, World Vision and USAID to support impactful and sustainable initiatives towards business continuity, climate and environment care, humanitarian response, poverty alleviation and community development.

Our organization aspires to be a trusted and leading partner in business and community development through our reliable and innovative technologies, programs, products and services, and a team determined to succeed. We are driven by our core values; Integrity, Positive no matter what, We do what we say, Passion to learn, and Stand by each other.


Purpose is at the heart of our work.  Applying exciting new technologies and unusual thinking to impact underserviced communities where common solutions fail is an amazing place to be in.  Here we constantly push ourselves to do things never done before.

Angelo Valenton, Founder and CEO


“Working for Power 4 All has been a really great experience. You get to work with very talented people who are all just as passionate about the company’s mission as you are. The work environment is also very open and collaborative. “"

Jairo Bermejo, Senior Project Engineer


"Working with Power 4 All for many years now is a privilege.  I still remember during my first day when my superior told me ‘consider this as your company’.  We work to be recognized not just for good service, but service with a heart, not just for the employees, but for every client and customers as well."

Jhun Mallanao, Sales Manager


"At Power 4 All I get to experience working with a dynamic team of different professions and do things that really enhanced my knowledge in my profession. We do projects that would contribute to the improvement of livelihood in different areas of the country which really is a great motivation for us."

Billy FaralProject Engineer


I am humbly honored to get to work with a helpful team, passionate leaders and an encouraging work environment. The company helps everyone think out of the box, nurture skills and make dreams a reality.”

Jomelyn Lapez, Finance & Admin Manager


"Power 4 All is a place that gives me a chance to explore new things beneficial to people and environment.  By promoting clean sources of energy and water, we help people no matter how far they are."

Kenneth Peña, Project Lead


"This is an organization that gives the power of life, especially for people outside urban areas where electricity and clean water are problematic.  This is a company with integrity and love for its business partners, clients and employees."

Mitzelle Dela Peña, Admin Supervisor