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Weaving Center Energization in Basilan




 Jhun Mallanao Jr.   


Vice President Leni Robredo turnover the Angat Buhay Weaving Center for Yakan weavers in Lamitan City, Basilan.

The facility, meant to help the beneficiaries in their livelihood, was built by the Angat Buhay program of the Office of the Vice President in partnership with C.C. Buencamino Architect and the local government of Lamitan City. 

The word “tennun” which in Yakan means “woven cloth”, is traditionally used in the creation of a Yakan dress. A testament to the skills of Yakan weavers passed from generation to generation, their creations are often mistakenly described as embroidered by those unaware of the Yakan’s weaving process.

In partnership with One Meralco Foundation and Power 4 All they installed a Mission 1200 Portable Solar Power Station in the weaving center. This is a big help for the Yakan weavers to continue their weaving even at night to produce more products in wider markets, both here and abroad. Also, Yakans expanded their indigenous art creations by starting weaving other items such as table runners, wall décor, bags and purses.

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