Perform Like You've Already Been Promoted


I've had corporate professionals ask me for advise on how to advance their careers. Many have worked hard, put in the hours, diligently performed all the tasks, showed loyalty through long years on the job - but the promotion remains elusive.

A decision to promote is a huge deal as management will often determine this in relation to how it sees the company steering itself towards its future. A bad decision has serious repercussions therefore the stringent and sometimes fickle qualifiers management will set to fill in upper tier positions. 

There are many things you can do to help you move ahead and you've heard a lot of them before; work smart, deliver consistently, exceed expectations, etc. Then there are the perceived shortcuts like sucking up and lifting yourself at the expense of others. I wouldn't prescribe the latter as there's just no class in those. 

I was a corporate animal with an ambition myself and what I'd do then is show that I can perform that next level position. I'd meet my deliverables fast then ask to do more (in impact not volume). I'd volunteer for increasingly complex responsibilities and get those done. I'd find ways to create more value for the companies I've worked for, take them to new places and earn wins my bosses and colleagues can be proud of. And I'd do all these "free of charge". In parallel, I would invest heavily to progress skills, understanding and even character, as well as meaningful relationships. 

It pays off big time if you put much in to increase your personal worth and show that worth. In the end if your company doesn't value you, a better one will  ;)
 — Angelo Valenton.


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