Odis WaterPoint EXT

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Raw water

Surface water: lakes, rivers, lagoons, ponds, dams, reservoirs etc.

Well water, boreholes (not salty)
Turbidity: high

Flow rates

Up to 3,000 Liters per hour

Technical specification and main components – scope of supply

Raw water submersible pump

Primary Separation – ODIS strainer & Hydro Cyclone

Coagulation & Oxidation

Sedimentation – ODIS DECA clarifier

Intermediate tank

Filtration pump

Multimedia Depth Filtration – ODIS M-M filters

Activated carbon treatment unit

Diesel generator for power

Heavy duty trailer

Control board and PLC - System is fully automatic


Small and medium size communities and municipalities.

Small and medium military bases.

Emergency relief organizations.

Remote and rural areas.

Natural disasters first aid


Detailed design will be issued after the order.

To be supplied by others

Chemicals for operation
Treated water tank and/or treated water distribution system

Name Waterpoint® - EXT
Water Source Surface water, rivers, lakes, wells, etc. Treated Water Safe Drinking water, WHO Standard
Capacity 3,000 L/h Turbidity Range High Range
Operation Fully - Automatic


Main Features

A compact mobile water treatment system for surface water, rivers, lakes, dams, reservoirs or shallow wells (not salty water) designed to treat high turbidity water of any range. The systems provide safe potable drinking water that adheres to the WHO standards. The systems are specially designed for difficult field situations. The systems are easy to operate and maintain and delivered ready for on-site immediate operation. The system is trailer mounted.


The WaterPoint® EXT Compact Drinking Water Treatment Plants are designed to supply high quality and safe drinking water from different water sources. WaterPoint ® EXT is able to treat water with a variable and broad range of suspended solids and very high turbidity, in order to produce safe and quality drinking water having an effluent quality assurance that meets international and local drinking water standards. The WaterPoint® EXT disinfect the treated water thus preventing diseases spread in local population


WTP Name Description Size Max Flow Rate
Water Point EXT Trailer Mounted WTP (Mobile) 1.7 X 3.5 m Trailer 3000 L/h



>Economical - Each system is designed specifically under consideration of customer needs and budget.
>Automatic – Each system is fully automatic and all operating modes controlled by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
>Easy to operate – Water Point EXT is robust, reliable, user friendly system designed to be operated in remote areas where skilled operators, technicians, and spare parts are not readily available.
>Plug n' Play – Each system is assembled and tested in the factory prior to shipment. WaterPoint EXT is ready to operate as it leaves the factory and no further on-site assembly is needed.

Drinking water per-person calculations

>Drinking: 5-10L p/day (WaterPoint can supply to ~7,000 people p/day)
>Emergency: 2-3L p/day. (WaterPoint can supply up to 10,000 people p/day)
>General usage: such as: cooking, shower, laundry, toilet flushing etc. is ~50L p/day (WaterPoint can supply to 1,500 people p/day


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