Power 4 All, Top Finalist at the Philippine Water Challenge

Power 4 All, Inc. bagged a trophy being top finalist with President/Founder Mr. Angelo Valenton and Senior HR & Stakeholder Engagement Mr. Jakeson Quiatchon for Philippine Water Challenge with its theme, Smarter for Water: Innovations and Solutions to Water Scarcity, which building blox® fundamentally addresses the Philippines' water shortage.

We are all aware of the terrible lack of clean, safe drinking water that exists in the Philippines. This has impacted the nation's general development and caused a number of health problems. We suggest using our building blox®, our newest innovation, which is created specifically to supply safe and potable drinking water in remote and difficult-to-reach locations, to resolve this situation.

building blox® are standalone systems that are portable to various sites. These facilities filter the water using cutting-edge methods to eliminate pollutants and toxins, the most recent technology, which guarantees that the water satisfies the highest standards of purity and safety, including reverse osmosis, UV treatment, and disinfection systems.

The adaptability of the building blox® is one of its main benefits. They may be swiftly deployed to places hit by natural catastrophes like floods or earthquakes as well as to areas where there is a water shortage. They are therefore the perfect solution for delivering immediate aid and taking care of the pressing requirements of afflicted populations since this is powered by solar.

Moreover, the building blox® is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. They consume less energy than traditional water treatment plants and require fewer chemicals to operate. This makes them an attractive option for communities that are looking for sustainable and affordable solutions to water-waste problems.

Indeed, building blox® can be a vital part of solving the Philippines' water crisis and scarcity. 

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