Modular Water Treatment Plants

Modular  Water Treatment Plants

We design and build large capacity modular water treatment plants to hurdle challenges faced by more conventional facilities such as limitations to water resources, land, budget and time. 

The technology can be deployed to various types of natural water and non-conventional sources including rivers, lakes, reservoirs, harvested water, ground water, brackish water and seawater, and produce water qualities that meet the required standards for safe drinking, commercial and industrial applications and environment care.

These systems are integrated inside 20’ or 40’ Grade A shipping containers to minimize footprint and installation time, and provides ease of transport to most locations.

  • Faster project completion time
  • Requires very small foot prints which saves on land requirements
  • Can be installed in more challenging project sites
  • Requires much less civil and peripheral works
  • Modular and expandable with zero downtime
  • Utilizes most advanced technologies in water treatment