First Potable Water Reuse Project in Asia

The process of using treated wastewater for drinking water is called potable water reuse. Potable water reuse provides another option for expanding a region’s water resource portfolio. 

Effective water reuse applications require a combination of advanced treatment technologies including a combination of low-pressure technologies MF/UF followed by RO (high pressure) to provide a high-quality grade of water. 

Potable water reuse has already been successfully implemented in the USA, Europe and Singapore. Municipal wastewater is treated to high standards for potable use and discharged directly into groundwater or surface water bodies with the intent of augmenting drinking water supplies.

This first potable reuse project in Asia was  implemented within the Sewage Treatment Plant facility of Maynilad Water Services in Parañaque, Metro Manila. This was already completed in October 2023, providing an additional 10 million liters per day of clean water to Maynilad’s service area.

Power 4 All had been commissioned for the project’s design, build, and install contract.

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