Province of Palawan’s Solar Electrification Program

The Provincial Government of Palawan’s solar electrification program is an innovative program that hopes to uplift the quality of life of every Palaweño and bring renewable energy systems within their reach.

Recognizing the immensely vast land area of Palawan coupled with its sparsely situated households, an ambitious project was developed that would give off-grid communities access to electricity by tapping solar energy.  Since the start of project in 2016 and through the support of the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO), the province was able to procure and distribute close to 50,000 solar home system units, worth close to P200 Million, to remote households, particularly indigents, across the province.

This program would empower far-flung communities and create a positive externality on their social and economic welfare.  Likewise, with the recurring natural disasters in the country, precautionary measures among households are integral part of their safety and survival. Through these solar home system units, the recipient communities would be better equipped and prepared when disasters hit.

Over the past years, this program has been successful in uplifting the quality of life of Palaweños and the Provincial Government endeavors to continue the solar electrification program in the coming years. 

As it continues to address the problem on electricity in remote communities, the local government strives to trickle down economic development at the grassroots level and provide a multitude of opportunities.  It is envisioned that one day, no household in Palawan will ever be deprived of the access to free electricity.

The high quality and perfomance solar home systems have been supplied by Best Brands, a distribution arm of Power 4 All.

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