Power Up Mavulis Island

Mavulis is the northern most islands of the Philippines where the waters and climate are often unfriendly, and only the brave dare go.

Last May, a Navy outpost and shelter, also known as the Mavulis Project, was completed and formally turned over by AFP’s Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom) to the provincial government of Batanes.

Through the efforts of One Meralco Foundation, the site is powered by a MISSION Solar Power Station capable of up to 3kW power output and charged by high performance solar panels. The system also stores over 5kWh of electricity for night time use.

The cutting edge technology will power the outpost's lights, appliances, telecommunications and security equipment. The compact and plug-and-play MISSION system was delivered to the island by a small rubber boat (as larger boats are unable to land on the island) and set-up by two people in only one day.

The extreme northern territory is now safe and secure.

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