A Power Station in a Box

Solévolt LLC and Power 4 All recently partnered to introduce Solévolt Solar Power Solutions in the Philippines

Established in 2016, Solévolt was created to make clean and reliable energy accessible and affordable to all.  Solévolt systems use the highest quality in solar storage on the market and make it very easy for end users to make the jump from fossil fuels to clean and free solar energy.

When asked what makes Solévolt different, company co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Rosalia Gitau says "Our solution makes it easy for our clients to harness the power of the sun.  Our competitors either provide low-quality low-output products, or high-cost and complex home installations—and very few options exist to store solar power. No one on the market has yet to marry quality, affordability and ease-of-use."

Gitau continues "Power 4 All is a natural partner for Solévolt in the Philippines.  Power 4 All already works with reliable compact and medium-output technologies so our systems are the natural next rung up the energy ladder."

For his part, Power 4 All CEO Angelo Valenton mentions that " Solévolt systems are the missing link as there had been no available high-capacity, portable, plug-and-play renewable energy format - until recently.  Solévolt is a natural replacement for more costly and cumbersome diesel generator sets, but without the noise, the foul smell, costly maintenance and utility expenses.  At the same time it is also a viable alternative to more conventional and complex solar home installations." 

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