Water Challenge Forum Manila

The European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) is holding The Water Challenge Forum on June 14, 2017 at Marriott Hotel Manila.

The Water Challenge Forum will highlight the challenges that the Philippines is facing as far as managing its water resources is concerned. It will bring policymakers, water suppliers and distributors, water technology and service providers, international and local business organizations, members of the academe and other water stakeholders to exchange information discuss the priorities of the water sector and provide recommendations on how to address the water challenges.

In particular the forum will address the following major Water Challenges today:
CHALLENGE 1: The Looming Water Crisis and the Need to Provide Water Access for All
CHALLENGE 2: The Degenerating Water Quality and the Need for Wastewater Management
CHALLENGE 3: The Worsening Flood Sanitation and the Need for Flood Control Innovations
POWER 4 ALL is a sponsor to the event and will present "Solving Israel's Water Crisis and Technologies Relevant to the Philippine Setting".  An Odis Mobile Water Treatment Plant from Israel will also be put on display.

For registration to the forum, please contact Ms. Kamyr Catapang at kamyr.catapang@eccp.com

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