Mission 1200 Solar Power Station



POWER 4 ALL Founder and CEO Angelo Valenton recently announced the release of MISSION 1200 Solar Power Station.  This innovation created a high power capacity system in a portable design allowing for greater flexibility in deployment, usage and application. 

Mission 1200 is a plug-and-play system that can be charged through solar energy or grid electricity.  There is no installation, assembly or set up needed, making it ready to deploy and use on demand.

At the heart of the system is a high performance 1.2 kW Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) battery which boasts of a minimum 2,000 cycles that will keep the system alive and performing for well over 10 years depending on manner of use.   Its LFP battery is also capable of a very low depth of discharge (up to 100%), fast charging time (1 hour or less), low self discharge (less than 5% per month), high energy density, zero maintenance and low toxicity.

The front panel has all the DC and AC output ports needed from USB ports, car lighter port, 12V jack ports and 220V (or 110V) sockets.   A digital display provides all the necessary easy-to-understand diagnostics of the system from charge indicator to battery level to amount of electricity used over time.

The technology can quickly and conveniently be deployed to off-grid and remote areas to power schools, clinics, small offices, livelihood, security posts or community centers.  It can also be used as back up or emergency power source for urban use as well as power a "command station" for disaster response and humanitarian relief effort.

The system is a complete set that includes 2 pcs. 260W solar panels, 4 lighting sets, mobile phone multi-charging cable, MC4 tool and an AC charger.

Mission 1200 is an absolute game changer and allows you GO FARTHER, DEPLOY FASTER, LAST LONGER and POWER MORE.

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