APAC Insider CEO of the Year Awards 2022


APAC Insider, a United Kingdom - based digital media resource publication for industries within Asia-Pacific has announced its APAC CEO of the Year Awards for 2022, a recognition designed with the intention to shine a light on those who possess the ability to take businesses to the next level, thanks to their commitment, determination, and innovative approaches.

POWER 4 ALL founder Angelo Valenton was named Most Innovative Utilities CEO if the Year for his efforts to develop and provide access to cutting edge technologies for clean power and clean water among the most vulnerable and at-risk communities.

Under his leadership, POWER 4 ALL has completed numerous life-changing projects over the years including the electrification of schools, livelihood centres and rural health clinics located off-the-grid, plug-and-play power supplies for humanitarian action towards victims of natural calamities (earthquakes and typhoons), decentralized solar kits for indigenous peoples, D-I-Y microgrids, paygo solar home systems for unelectrified communities, potable water re-use facilities to augment clean water supply, modular and mobile water treatment plants capable of treating any water source at any location under any condition.  

At the center of every successful business is a CEO committed to pushing forward and making things better; a role that cannot be taken on lightly in today’s competitive economic climate. This is particularly true for the Asia Pacific region of the world. Playing host to more than one third of the world’s largest businesses, the APAC region is a competitive and diverse corporate landscape where the demand for business leaders who are willing to take risks and demonstrate innovative thinking is currently at an all-time high.
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