Power 4 All is proud to present minihub2 which builds on the success of minihub.  

Minihub2 is a cost friendly solar home system that comes with a 3.2V/6000mAh LFP battery, a 6W polycrystalline solar panel, 4 x 1W LED Bulbs and mobile phone charging cables.

Each LED bulb produces 100 lumens of brightness and can last up to 18 hours on one full charge of the battery pack.

With 4 bulbs simultaneously on, you will get 4-5 performance hours straight.  The battery pack is  fully charged within 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.

This simple, yet cutting-edge plug-n-play solution is perfect for harsh off-grid communities, providing not just basic lighting and mobile charging, but also added security and additional productive hours that can improve livelihood and education for the community.

No more expensive and toxic kerosene lamps, candles or lead acid batteries. Now you can enjoy free, clean and sustainable solar energy 4 all.

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