Water-Gen plays pivotal role in IDF’s humanitarian response to Typhoon Haiyan

On Wednesday 13 November, Israel sent a 150-strong humanitarian rescue and response team to the Philippines in the devastating wake of Typhoon Haiyan. Medical teams and national search and rescue experts from the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) were dispatched to offer support and assistance and, equipped with an advanced multi-department medical facility, they were able to treat some 2700 injured and wounded and carry out over 60 life-saving operations.


Following an immediate request from the Colonel in command, Water-Gen – an Israeli company that develops Atmospheric Water Generation, Water Treatment, and Water Purification solutions for military and civilian applications – supplied the IDF rescue and response team with their ‘Spring System’, which can filter any body of water they find in the field (even if contaminated with biological or chemical hazards) and supply good, clean drinking water as a result.

Water-Gen develops and manufactures state of the art, high-end systems for customers worldwide and their products are able to ensure a safe and secure water source even in rough weather and field conditions.

All of Water-Gen’s solutions are based on in-depth research into water generation and water safety technologies and their ‘Spring System’ is a unique innovation, born out of necessity:

‘Spring System’

Infantry troops on urban combat missions carry water in flasks and water tanks. This mode of transport limits the amount of water that can be carried because of its weight and volume. On many occasions, troops encounter local water sources such as water tanks on roofs and water from wells, which are unauthorized for use. ‘Spring’ is a small water purification unit that fits into a backpack and is suitable for a platoon or squadron. The device can filter 180 litres (48 gallons) per standard battery and produce fresh, pure water from non-saline water sources, for example, water tanks on roofs, wells, ponds, lakes, etc.

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