Mission Installed at San Vicente Palawan

San Vicente is a municipality located in the province of Palawan. It is known for its rich flora and fauna and natural beauty, including long stretches of pristine beaches and verdant forests. These features have attracted a lot of tourists and investments in the province.

The town is relatively less developed compared to some other tourist destinations in Palawan, which can be appealing to those looking for a quieter and less crowded vacation spot.

San Vicente has been working on developing its tourism infrastructure to accommodate more visitors, including the construction of resorts and facilities. However, like many rural areas in the Philippines, this province has limited access to the main electricity grid, which is a burden for residents and businesses, particularly those with limited financial resources.

Power outages have been a common occurrence in the country’s largest province for years, affecting the daily lives of residents and hurting the local economy.

In partnership with the Municipality of San Vicente Palawan, Power 4 All installed four units of Mission 5102 power station in different barangay halls like Port Barton, Binga, New Canipo, and the Health Center of Port Barton. The purpose of this project is to provide backup or emergency power supplies.

In many cases, barangay halls and health centers serve as centers for disaster response and relief operations during emergencies such as typhoons, earthquakes, and childbirth complications. Life support systems require immediate power to save lives.


The Mission 5102 power station in the Barangay Halls and Health Center serves as a crucial resource for ensuring the continuity of essential services, emergency response capabilities, and supporting the healthcare needs of the community.

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