ODIS Mobile Water Treatment Plant presented to the office Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection

Angelo Valenton of Power4all.org, an organization focused on creating community access to renewable energies, lighting, water generation and water treatment that address concerns ranging from climate change to humanitarian response, gave a compelling presentation on the importance of water as a valuable resource and its looming global risks to the Laguna Lake Development Authority Mancom.

A live demonstration of the ODIS Mobile Water Treatment Plant followed at the Laguna Lake Development Authority Green Building. Water from the Green Building's constructed wetland, which utilizes on-site natural treatment of storm water, is used as a sample to be converted into potable drinking water as a demonstration of how mobile treatment plant works.

Sec. Neric Acosta led the drinking of the treated water and showed everyone that it is clean, safe and potable as other employees of Laguna Lake Development Authority gamely followed.


The ODIS compact mobile water treatment plant is designed to treat any type of water into safe and high quality drinking water with quality assurance that meets international water standards. The mobile treatment plant is ideal for:

1. Small and medium size communities and municipalities;
2. Emergency relief oroganizations;
3. Remote and rural areas;
4. Natural disasters first aid.

The technology combines several filtration and water purification processes designed specifically to supply drinking water at any site at any time under any condition.

The mobile water treatment plant serves as a viable and practical technology solution that can further bolster development and growth within the region of the Laguna Lake Basin

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