Game Changer in Wastewater Treatment Plants

ODIS SOLIQUATOR® are highly-efficient pressurized clarifiers, with high settling velocities.  As a result, the Soliquator® is highly suitable for treating water with variable turbidity and suspended solids levels.  When integrated within a water treatment system, either wastewater or drinking water, it significantly reduces both capital and operational expenditures.

  • Very small foot-print
  • Closed system – no emissions of odor
  • Modular and easily expandable with no downtime
  • No moving parts.  Minimal maintenance and very low operating cots
  • Primary or Secondary treatment
  • Sludge treatment and thickening
  • Sludge treatment filtrate
  • High turbidity water clarification
  • Filters backwash treatment
The treated effluent is suitable for:
  • Water Re-use.  Can be re-used in the same or with additional process, significantly reducing costs.
  • Irrigation.  Can be used for safe irrigation of public areas and for agriculture.
  • Discharge.  Wastewater is treated up to the level suitable for discharge as determined by environmental regulations.

This wastewater treatment technology allows for as much as a 90% reduction on required space to set-up as compared to conventional wastewater treatment plants.  Together with its modular design, Soliquator systems dramatically reduces capital expenditures, as well as operating and maintenance costs.  This becomes particularly relevant for property developments with immediate small scale WWTP needs but with future capacity expansion, establishments within highly urbanized and crowded areas with effluent capacity or compliance concerns, and industrial locators that require water re-use solutions.

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