ODIS Mobile Treatment Plant delivered to Laguna Water


Laguna Water, a Manila Water Philippine Ventures Company, recently received delivery of their ODIS Mobile Water Treatment Plant capable of treating fresh water and sea water sources.

A demo and test was conducted at the Manila Bay, Pasay City, Philippines and the output water had been confirmed by an independent laboratory to comply with all parameters of the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water.

The system will support Laguna Water’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives particularly for times of emergencies and disasters.   The technology is designed to treat any type of water into safe and high quality drinking water having an effluent quality assurance that meets international and local drinking water standards.  This technology eliminates all solids, impurities, chemicals, bacteria and viruses from raw water and combines several filtration and water purification processes into one integral unit that is designed specifically to supply drinking water at any site and under any condition.

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