Solving Israel's Water Crisis and Technologies Relevant to the Philippines

           Dr. Effie Ben Matityau Ambassador of Israel in Manila, Oren Silbershatz from Odis Filtering Ltd. and Angelo Valenton of Power 4 All

The European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) recently held The Water Challenge Forum at the Marriott Hotel, Manila Philippines.  The event highlighted the challenges that the Philippines faces as far as managing its water resources is concerned and provided recommendations on how to address the water challenges.

One of the highlights of the forum was a presentation from Oren Silbershatz who represented Power 4 All and Odis Filtering Ltd.  Silbershatz shared that until the early 90’s, Israel suffered from a severe water crisis as the demand for water was twice greater than the supply of water from natural sources.  Being a largely desert topography with limited precipitation, the water requirements for agriculture, industry and domestic use had to compete for limited available water supply to a point where water had to be rationed and each consumption segment had to suffer their respective growths and well-being.  

The government of Israel resorted to various drastic measures to curb the crisis among which were regulations, water resource management and the development of innovative technologies capable of integrating the country’s water management systems, efficient seawater desalination and water re-use.  At present, Israel is self-sufficient in providing for its water needs across all consumption segments and is the leading country in the world in water re-use.

Odis Filtering Ltd., is a leading water technology provider from Israel and capable of addressing every water source to produce water quality fit for drinking, agriculture and industrial use.  Odis had also designed compact water treatment systems for drinking and waste water treatment.  These systems are configured on skids, trailers or modified shipping containers.  Ultimately, the benefits include smaller foot prints ideal for space limitations, limited to no civil works needed, immediate commissioning, modular which can be transferred or expanded as needed, plug-and-play, fully automated and cost effective.

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