Power 4 All and Niwa Solar Partner to Fight Energy Poverty

Power 4 All partners with Niwa Solar to fight energy poverty. Niwa develops next generation ultra-affordable sustainable energy solutions for people living without electricity.  The technology is fully optimized for the rural consumer - usability, practicality, toughness, reliability and longtime durability - all features they put special emphasis on.  

Aside from lighting and mobile charging, Niwa systems are capable of powering energy efficient appliances to incude televisions, electric fans and supports the power needs of over 500 consumer electronics products.

Niwa's unique modular systems allow customers to upgrade to add new lights, batteries, solar modules and appliances as desired over time.

Niwa products are CE, EMC and RoHS certified. Uno 50, Multi 100 plus, Multi 300 and all MSS entry systems meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards from IFC / World Bank's Ligting Africa program.

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