Solar perimeter lights brighten up Playa Port

In a busy port located in Aplaya, Batangas, there is one crucial area in great need of luminescence -  the back area of the port.

Several units of SPL8000 solar perimeter lights provided by POWER 4 ALL were recently installed and lighted up the busy Aplaya Portfound in Bauan Batangas. This adds essential illumination and visibility bynightfall when cargo needs to be transported from trucks to sea vessels. These heavy duty solar lights will automatically light up whenever the sun comes down and will also switch itself off as sun rises.  Then, without any human effort, these streetlights will charge themselves through sunlight in preparation again for its duty by nighttime.  In the event of a typhoon or other unfavorable weather conditions they need not worry, as the SPL8000 is equipped with an ample battery back-up charge enough to operate for several days even during rainy season.

The project was made possible by the Philippine Ports Authority.

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