Mission To Light Up Papua New Guinea

                 Mission systems being installed at a Bomana Correctional Service Facility

In 2021, Power 4 All and Solar Solutions PNG Ltd have entered into a partnership to supply Mission™ Portable Power Stations to Papua New Guinea. The country is located in the Oceania region that comprises the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and its offshore islands in Melanesia. It is the world’s third largest island country and has a population of over 8 million people

Papua New Guinea is rich in natural resources such as minerals, marine and agriculture. However, high infrastructure costs and very rugged terrain makes it difficult for outside developers to invest. Local developers are also hindered by years of deficient investment in education, health, and access to finance. Nearly 40% of the population are living relatively independent of the cash economy and are mostly self-sustaining farmers.

The country is made up of 600 different islands and only about 10-15% of the population of PNG has electricity access, with almost all concentrated in urban areas going by the binary electricity access measure. This creates a need for off-grid electrification. Based on an IFC report in 2019 on the off-grid pico-lighting market dynamics in PNG estimated that close to 60% of PNG’s households rely on small scale solar home systems. The access rate is still much lower than the world average of 89%.

There is still a big need for stable off-grid electrification in the country. This is where Mission™ comes in.

Mission 5100 deployed in a residential house

The Mission™ systems are designed to have a high-power capacity and high versatility, being able to be used for a range of applications and easily transported and set up anytime and anyplace. Compared to diesel gensets, the mission systems do not emit harmful fumes, do not need expensive diesel and maintenance, are quite and most importantly safe to operate.

Mission 5100 deployed in Kokoda Rangers House

Compared to traditional roof set ups, the mission systems are already ready to use and can be set up in an hour or two at most and be easily unplugged and transported should there be a need to. No exposed wiring and electrical parts and the simplicity of the design make the system very appealing for the end users both in urban areas and last mile communities. Being able to provide clean, free and sustainable energy for 12 years or more.

                                                                                                                            Mission 1202 deployed in Pari Village Health Center

Solar Solutions PNG Ltd has distributed 146 systems in Papua New Guinea ranging from 1kw, 5kw and 10kw Missions with zero factory defects to date. These systems have been used to energize houses, commercial establishments, aid posts / healthcare centers, micro grids, government and ranger outposts, small buildings and IT centers. 

       Mission 5100 systems being deployed in Bomana Correctional Service Facility


We look forward to energizing more areas with clean solar energy.

Go farther, deploy faster, go longer and power more with Mission.

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