Climate Emergency and Typhoon Relief for Manobo Tribe

Agusan Marsh   

For the Future Philippines, One Million Lights Philippines and Kids for Kids Philippines donated mini hub solar home kit with UVC Sterilization kit to the families from the three floating communities of Lake Mihaba, Lake Mambagongon, and Lake Panlabuhan.

The families are happy because they can now light up their homes and charge batteries. Aside from solar home kit, they also donated convertible solar headlights to each member of Agusan Marsh Bantay Danao volunteers. The lights are of great use, not only during patrol but also in bringing light to their homes at night.

The Manobo tribe are the guardians of the Agusan Marsh, the largest wetland in the Philippines. When we get to protect and support our people, we also get to protect our home.

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