Power 4 All Lights Up Communities in Brgy Laiban, Rizal

Oz Valenton     

In line with POWER 4 ALL’s mission to provide critical community access to CLEAN POWER and CLEAN WATER, the company volunteers together with partners Solar Hope, Zonta Club of Metro Ortigas, JCI Taytay, JCI Antipolo and JCI Rizal, distributed minihub solar home systems to light up the homes of 48 families in Sitio Manggahan, Barangay Laiban, Tanay, Rizal last October 1, 2022.

The community has no access to electricity and relies solely on lead acid battery powered lights and toxic candles and kerosene lamps. Houses are built using light materials housing families of up to 12 children.


Life is not easy up here as the closest town center is an hour away through rough and rocky roads and a one-way trip can cost between Php100-400.



During our interview with the school head, we discovered that most of the residents are farmers and would employ their children to help them work in the fields as they have limited hours of light to work. This keeps children away from school as they are busy working in the fields. Once the sun sets and darkness sets in, all the activities stop as sources of light is very limited. 


Thanks to the minihubs that POWER 4 ALL and partners have provided, the people of Sitio Manggahan can enjoy free, clean and sustainable lighting as well as phone charging. This is more than just lighting up homes, this is improving security, education and livelihood as they now have more hours of light even after the sun sets. 


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 Special thanks to the Power 4 All team that volunteered:   (From the left) Ian Higuit, Billy Faral, Ace Agapito, Karen Latayan, Adrian Cantos, Mark Napao (Founder of Solar Hope), Erwin Uson, Leo Soriano III (School Head), Aids Dela Rosa, Oz Valenton, Angela Valenton, Chloe Valenton, Lizette Lim (Zonta Metro Club of Ortigas), Kath Dela Peña

Special thanks to:

Gerlie Bonagua – Donated textbooks
Lady Ann Valenton – (President of Zonta Metroclub of Ortigas) donated tokens of appreciation for the teacher’s as it was also Teacher’s Day
Solar Hope – Coordination with the school and identifying beneficiaries
JCI Taytay, JCI Metro Rizal, JCI Antipolo – Donated groceries (Bags of Hope)


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