IloIlo Mission

Jhun Mallanao Jr.

Last December 18, 2017 One Meralco Foundation together with Power 4 All Inc. travelled to the off-grid side of Ilo-ilo to conduct the ground installation of a 1.2kw Mission Solar Power Station at the Cabatangan Elementary School, where about 200 students are enrolled.  

From the drop-off point, the team met the school’s principal Miss Arcelita Libuna, and the Department of Education’s division officer in Ilo-ilo,  Mr. Juan Tamano.  Together with the LGU and some pupils, the entire group planned the logistics arrangements of the items needed for the installation.

Unfavorable weather conditions hit the day before, rendering the pathways to the installation site nearly impassable.  We were advised that in order to reach the school we must trek slippery, muddy mountain pathways for about 4-5 hours.  At some pathways we proceeded barefoot as footwear was be useless in the sticky mud.  The terrain was so arduous that neither a carabao nor a horse could even cross the said pathways.

Upon the team’s arrival to the site a concrete based and poles were placed for the entire solar panel setup. After this the wires were installed underground so as not to pose as a possible danger to the pupils playing near the area.

The project was completed within 2 days and a technology orientation was provided to the teachers to conclude the expedition.

“This entire job was made possible through the generosity of One Meralco Foundation’s School Electrifying Program.  The cause aims to provide light/power to schools that have no access to electricity.  


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