Mission 1200 used to energize a healthcare center in Tubuserea, Papua New Guinea

Oz Valenton     

Solar Solutions PNG Ltd has just delivered a Mission 1200 portable power station to power up a healthcare center. The aid post is located in Tubuserea, a coastal village with a population of 4000 located 27 kilometers south of Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea.


The Mission 1200 is a 1.2kwh portable power station that can be charged either by solar panels or grid ac charging. The battery has a cycle life of 4,000 cycles which can last at least 10-11 years. The 2 x 275w panels included can fully charge the system in 2-3 hours under direct sunlight. It has a 1kw inverter that can power a ranger of appliances and lights.



The 4 LED lights are used to light up different parts of the health center. Mainly the nurse station, drug-room, injection area and the main entrance. The Mission 1200 was also used to power small appliances such as monitors and PCs.



Thanks to our partner in Papua New Guinea, the Tubuserea aid post can now enjoy free, clean, and sustainable energy.


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