One Heart For Hope


A few weeks back, typhoon Glenda made a landfall in Albay town. Although there were zero casualty on the lives of people, the typhoons destroyed many houses and toppled trees. Sto. Domingo was not spared of Glenda's wrath. It took weeks before the electricity was restored. A few more towns are still enveloped with darkness.

One Heart For Hope, with the generous and kind effort Virginia Cananea-Lam and family, visited Sto. Domingo to distribute solar lights to the poor communities who cannot afford to pay for electricity. A few more solar lamps were also given away in the town of Tiwi, Albay, which as of this moment still doesn't have electricity.

Taking advantage of the rich volcanic soil in the slope of the majestic Mt. Mayon, ten varieties of vegetable seeds were also given to farmers to support them in their livelihood. Seeds can sometimes be very expensive to farmers. With these project, we are sowing the seeds of love hoping everybody can reap its rewards.

One Heart For Hope is glad to report that almost a hundred homes will be brighter at night and around fifty farmers can expect a better future with the quality seed that were given to them.

Thank you Virginia Cananea-Lam and family, Sto. Domingo is a little brighter and hopeful because of your generosity and compassionate heart. Huge appreciation to Gloria Binamira for untiringly locating the families who needed these solar lamps the most.

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