Mission 10K Providing Clean Energy for the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority

Oz Valenton      

Solar Solutions PNG has recently installed a Mission 10K for the PNG Forest Authority. The system is a 10kwh system with a cycle life of 6000 cycles and can last for at least 16-17 years. The system can work both as an off-grid and a hybrid system receiving power through its 3600wp panels or through grid integration. It has an automatic transfer switch that allows the unit to switch between solar or grid charging.

The system already comes with 9 x 400wp perc mono panels, eventually they were replaced with larger 7 x 550wp panels. Users can also source their own panels as the system can take up to 4000wp total. Panels can either be mounted on the roof or on the ground.

The M10K has a wide range of applications. The system has already powered IT centers, water access stations, commercial and government buildings.

Now The PNG Forest Authority can continue their mission to promote the management and wise utilization of forest resources of Papua New Guinea as a renewable asset for the well-being of present and future generations.

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