Leyte Students Can Now Accomplish Their Mission Better


Last 07 Sept, One Meralco Foundation electrified 3 schools in Leyte using Power 4 All’s Mission systems.

APID Elementary School and Himukilan Elementary School each received one Mission 1200 system while the Dawahon Integrated School received a bigger Mission 5100 system. On the way to the island, the team was battered with strong winds which created high waves that continuously smash into their small boat. Luckily, the team was able to reach the island safely.

The APID Elementary School used the Mission 1200 system to power 21 lighting fixtures inside and outside a total of 8 classrooms, and the system was also used to power computers and printers. They can now do their audio-visual presentation, which they cannot do before, and the teachers can also teach their pupils much better now  as they can now do their lesson plans even at night. It will also be their charging station for their laptops and mobile phones.

Meanwhile, the Himukilan Elementary School used their Mission 1200 system to electrify the school buildings for lightings and power outlets. This will not only enhance the learning environment of the pupils but also aid the teachers with their daily activities in school. Among the items installed were: 20 lighting fixtures (inside and outside) of five  5 classrooms and  2 offices  and a total of 7 power outlets;  1 power outlet per classrooms including 1 power outlet per office. 

A Mission 5100 system was generously donated to the Dawahon Integrated School which has six single-storey buildings and one two-storey building, the latter being the main building. Main Building electrification involved the installation of 17 individual lighting switches, the lighting fixtures which are 7 watt LED bulbs, 24 LED Bulbs were installed inside the Rooms and 5 LED Bulbs on each the upper and lower hallway. This provides secure lighting in all rooms. Plastic molding covered the wires going to the switches and outlets.

The 6 single-storey building electrical wiring installation involved the putting 12 individual lighting switches and  2 power outlets in the  school computer room building. A total of 35 LED bulbs were installed in the classrooms and the computer room. In the 6 single-storey school buildings where Elementary and Grade 7 to Grade 11 are located, 2 LED bulbs were installed in each classrooms of the buildings and 2 LED bulbs were installed in each hallway of the buildings. As for power outlets, 2 units of triplex power outlets were installed in the computer room building.

Right after the installation in Dawahon Integrated School The team was stranded for 1 day and 1 night due to a southwest monsoon affecting the whole Visayas part resulting in the generation of moderate to very high sea waves.  The team thanks God for their safe travel going back to mainland even though the little pump boat they were riding in hardly stood a chance against the powerful storm waves.


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