Staycation Home Powered by Mission

Jhun Mallanao Jr.  


Two years after a two-storey house was built, with still no news of their area getting electrified by the local electricity provider, the homeowner has decided to move forward with plans of going solar not only to power their home but also for the environment. Several neighboring houses also use solar energy as they too have not yet been connected to the main electricity grid. The  reason behind this situation is that their area in Tanay, Rizal, is the road going to their location is very challenging, especially during the rainy season, and only accessible by a 4x4 vehicle.

This home owner opted to power his home with the Mission 1200. Unlike the traditional solar power setups, Mission has all components inside one clean, sleek, compact and user-friendly design. It’s unique and convenient plug-and-play systems avoids the need for any specialized installation as well as complex usage and maintenance.


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