Power to Save Lives




A community radio station in Haiti's Cité Soleil broadcasts programs to their community of half a million people.  Their programs provide not only entertainment to lift spirits but information that saves lives.  However, grid energy had been unreliable prompting the station to resort to expensive generators.  On many occasions they are unable to service their listeners at all.Two years after we went back to visit some of these villages to see if their lives have indeed been impacted by this effort.

After a Cité Soleil community leader introduced a Solévolt solar system, the community is now has the ability to provide consistent life-saving information to their listeners at all times necessary.  For Cité Soleil and other Enterprising communities the world over, little to  no access to reliable energy is the difference between living and dying, surviving or thriving. With a small bump up the energy ladder, they accomplish big things.  Clean and free energy is indeed power that transforms lives. 

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