Life through lights

JCI Quezon City 

The indigenous community of Dumagat tribe in Mt. Kinapuin, being located in a mountainous, far-flung area with an estimated walking distance to the community hall of about three hours, still has no connection to the power grid.

Connecting to the power grid is technically challenging and might not be practical given their remote location. When the sun goes down, they have no choice but to rely on the yellow, flickering light of their kerosene lamps.

It is for these reasons that JCI Quezon City Capitol created the project dubbed as “Life through Lights”. This will provide solar-powered lights for use in homes and at work which are cleaner, safer and more sustainable than kerosene lamps. They keep households safe from fires and health problems, and do not release any carbon emissions to the environment.

 In partnership with One Meralco Foundation, One Million Lights Philippines and Power 4 All  the project distributed one torch and one d.light S30 solar lantern to seventy households in the community.

In partnership with JCI Malabon, JCI Marikina Marikit , Jci Marilag ,JCI Quezon City Sampaguita, and JCI Sumbingtik, these lights were shared to the residents as aid to meet fundamental needs during this pandemic.

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