Solar torches distribution in Basilan

        Kamakanakan Sumisip 

Last November 01, 2021, while most of our brothers and sisters lighted cemeteries, the Council of Sumisip Youth Leaders brought light to Sitio Pansul Basih, Brgy. Baiwas, Sumisip, Basilan.

Power 4 All donated d.ligth ST100 solar-powered torches to fifty households which was successfully done through the partnership of the CSYL with the Office of the VP - Angat Buhay.

The solar torches will bring light to the community not only in its physical and actual sense but also hope to the community. Surely, it brings about relief and aid to the community.

Additionally, children and students can study at night and answer their homework. It will also help facilitate activities in the community and improves efficiency.

This is the journey of alleviating Barangay Baiwas from the darkness through illuminating hopes from within that has been covered by the shadows of poverty and conflict.


#YESSitioPansulBasih #KamakanakanSumisip

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