Water Access Powered by Mission Solar Power Station

   Eva Salangsang


Power 4 All Inc. has been providing technology solutions that empower communities around the world since 2013. The company delivers high-quality solar and water treatment technologies, including energy-efficient lighting systems, solar home systems, water treatment, and more. Last November 08, 2022, One Meralco Foundation teamed up with Manila Water Foundation and MWSS to provide access to potable water for a Dumagat community located in Ipo Dam Norzagaray Bulacan.


Providing a water treatment system to supply clean drinking water was transformative for this community of indigenous people. Instead of having to rely on local wells or rainwater collected from rooftops, the Dumagat now have access to clean water for their daily use. Without improved sanitation practices and safe drinking water, these communities are at risk of waterborne diseases.


By creating this new water treatment facility in their area, the communities of Dumagat now have access to safe drinking water every day without having to worry about getting sick or dying from disease-related causes related to unsafe water consumption. The Water Treatment System was powered by a Mission 5100 Solar Power Station, which had been able to positively impact communities across several countries by providing reliable clean energy sources that can help improve lives in ways that go beyond simply providing electricity or light bulbs.

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