Water on wheels




ODIS Mobile Treatment Plants are compact and mobile water treatment plants designed to treat any type of water into safe and high quality drinking water having an effluent quality assurance that meets international and local drinking water standards. This technology eliminates all solids, impurities, chemicals, bacteria and viruses from raw water and combines several filtration and water purification processes into one integral unit that is designed specifically to supply drinking water at any site and under any condition.

ODIS single Trailer-Mounted Water Treatment Plants are designed to treat raw seawater, brackish water and low turbidity fresh water with up to 40,000 ppm TDS.

These systems are designed to generate up to 5 m3/h of safe potable drinking water, free of physical and bacteriological contaminations that meet PNSDW and WHO standards.

Completely automatic, equipped with a control panel including the start/stop switches and all the controls and metering devices, being highly reliable and easy to operate, and ready for on-site operation.

These mobile and compact systems are supplied completely built up and can also be designed according to required criteria. Cost saving technology, simplicity and reliability of performance are among ODIS’ main characteristics.

Ideal for off-grid and rural communities, disaster response and fresh water supply for livelihood and commercial activities.


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