Solar Trek in Isla Solomon, La Union

   Dana Faye Rivera

First in the Philippines, Power 4 All participated in a pilot project in La Union using Mission 5100 Portable Power Station.
GivePower piloted their Solar Trek project at Isla Solomon, Bauang, La Union. Solar Trek is a multi-day immersion in off-grid communities joined by trekkers/ volunteers to install an M5100 Portable power station, do a clean-up drive, and do other culminating activities. This project has already been implemented in different countries and is now in the Philippines.

Isla Solomon is an isolated community in barangay Pugo composed of 24 households. It takes a short bangka ride from the mainland and a 5-minute walk to reach the community. It is an off-grid community, and most of their livelihoods are fishing and farming. As far as lighting is concerned, they are using flashlights or cellphones but need to charge them on the mainland to provide lighting overnight.

They also have a generator but couldn’t sustain its usage due to the unavailability of funds. Another challenge that the community is facing is the education of their children. Some children need to walk an hour every day to reach their school, some ride a boat (but a bit expensive for them), and others tend to stay at home, play, or work because their parents cannot afford to bring them to school.

After evaluation of the community, the collaborators initiated the construction of a Youth center where children will have access to books and other learning tools, as well as a Tech center where they can charge their mobile phones, flashlights, and other rechargeable devices.

Now, the community can enjoy free electricity 24/7 and the children have equal opportunity to free education. This is made possible because of our partners from TaskUs, GivePower, and One Million Lights Philippines. 

Solar Trek Philippines’ highest priority is to better the lives of as many families as possible in the Philippines by providing free power to improve education and livelihood. Power 4 All’s mission is to provide uncomplicated, easy-to-use, and durable technologies for the convenience of its users.

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