ICSC turns over Mission Power Station to Eastern Samar Health Hub

Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities

ICSC’s RE-Charge Pilipinas (RCP) team turned over the Mission Power Station to the Guiuan Rural Health Unit (RHU) and Birthing Clinic at a ceremony in Guiuan, Eastern Samar on January 25, 2024.

Under the Brighter, Resilient, and Thriving (#BRIGHT) Project, RCP installed two Mission 1203 solar generators, which can generate enough electricity to power lights and essential medical equipment at the property regularly and during power outages. Staff from the RHU and the Guiuan LGU were also trained on the proper installation, use, load management, and maintenance of the generators.

The absence of electricity delays and hampers the delivery of services to the people who are in need, especially those who need healthcare, like women who will give birth.

One of ICSC’s key #JustEnergyTransition activities in Eastern Visayas, the initiative addresses emerging challenges on the municipality’s public health system due to energy insecurity and climate change impacts. Every month, an estimated 1,600 persons will benefit from the solarization of the RHU and Birthing Clinic.

They hope that the RHU will lead in promoting the use of renewable energy, not only encouraging communities to shift to the use of RE but also explaining its importance and its significant effect on the environment.

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