Mission to Sapa, Palawan

Jhun Mallanao Jr.

On the scorching hot day of December 8, 2017, Power 4 All together with a team from One Meralco foundation setout for Bataraza South in Palawan for another expedition – part of One Meralco Foundation’s School Electrification Program. This project aims to provide electricity/lighting to far-flung schools who do not have access to this vital necessity. Sapa Elementary School, composed of 282 pupils, was the beneficiary for this leg and a 1.2kw Mission Solar Power Station with 500watt Solar Panels roof were set to be installed in their premises.

From the Puerto Princesa airport the team traveled 6 hours by land and an additional 1-hour via tricycle to reach the school. During installation the team was faced with several challenges – for starters, the weather condition was a sweltering 35-40 degrees Celsius on both days of the installation. Their ladder was also too short to reach the roof, thus, the team members having to climb a tree behind the school in order to get up on the roof.

The project only took 1-2 days to complete.  The traveling to and from Sapa Island took longer.

Families living in Sapa rely on very dangerous kerosene lamps and car batteries at night.  Fortunately, through the generosity of Gov. Alvarez, families were given d.light D20’s as a safer and more economic alternative. Ms. Laarni Pascua, head teacher at the elementary school, mentioned that with the installation of the Mission 1200 they are now able to print their instructional materials daily, conduct film viewing for the pupils, and plug-in their sound system for their flag ceremonies, amongst many other things.


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